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Must-Read Books on Self-Development

1. How to Win Friends and Influence People

Author: Dale Carnegie
Publisher: Gallery Books
ISBN-13: 978-0671723651


2.Change Your Habits Change Your Life: A Christian Self Help

Author: Adam Houge
Publisher: Living Tree Publishing (December 20, 2015)


3.GETTING UNSTUCK, Moving Beyond What's Holding You Back:: (Identify the negative patterns that ruin your life)

Author: Lilliet Garrison
Publisher: Wisdom Brings Freedom Ministries (November 27, 2013)


4. God Wants You Happy: From Self-Help to God's Help

Author: Jonathan Morris
Publisher: HarperOne; Reprint edition (April 3, 2012)
ISBN-13: 978-0061913723


5.The Proverbs 31 Project

Author: Melissa Calloway M.A.
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC (December 3, 2013)


6.Christian: How God Blows Me Away!: Top Christian Books

Author: Andrew Wright
Publisher:Amazon Digital Services LLC (January 10, 2016)


7. Living Beyond Your Feelings: Controlling Emotions So They Don't Control You

Author: Joyce Meyer
Publisher: FaithWords (March 4, 2014)


8.Deliver Me From Negative Self Talk: A Guide To Speaking Faith-filled Words

Author: Lynn R Davis
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (December 19, 2012)
ISBN-13: 978-1481178358


9. Self Help: Lunch With Jesus (A young man has lunch with Jesus Christ and learns the meaning of life)

Author:Ivan King
Publisher:Self Help, Free Self Help, Self Help Free, Anxiety Self Help, Self Help Books for Women, Self Help Books for Men, Self Help Best (January 20, 2016)


10. Live Uncaged

Author: Mary DeMuth
Publisher:Mary E. DeMuth, Incorporated (January 16, 2013)
ISBN-13: 978-0983436737


11.The Power of Positive Thinking

Author: Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
Publisher: Touchstone; Reprint edition (March 12, 2003)
ISBN-13: 978-0743234801


12.Change Your Words And Use Them To Heal: A Christian Self Help

Author: Adam Houge
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC (December 26, 2015)


13. THE 30!: Which Question Is For You

Author: Daniel Hill
Publisher: THE DC WAY (May 27, 2015)
ASIN: B00YF458K4


14.Self Help Books: 8 Great Habits of Effective Christians

Author: Ivan King
Publisher: Self Help, Self Help Books, Free Self Help, Self Help Free, Anxiety Self Help, Self Help Books for Women, Self Help (March 26, 2016)


15. Bigger than Impossible: Keys to Experiencing the Impossible through God

Author: Lydia Chorpening
Publisher: LIFE SENTENCE Publishing (2013)
ISBN-13: 978-0976119425


16. 51 Ways to Love Your Enemies: How to love others when they are hurting you

Author: Lynn R Davis
Publisher:Lynn R Davis; 1 edition (January 13, 2014)


17. Marriage Help Book For Couples

Author: Juan
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC (March 17, 2016)


18. Restoring the Shattered Self: A Christian Counselor's Guide to Complex Trauma

Author: Heather Davediuk Gingrich
Publisher: IVP Academic (April 8, 2013)
ISBN-13: 978-0830827121


19. Women's Ways of Knowing: The Development of Self, Voice, and Mind 10th Anniversary Edition

Author: Mary Field Belenky
Publisher: Basic Books; 10 Anv edition (January 9, 1997)
ISBN-13: 978-0465090990


20. Leadership Emergence Theory--A Self-Study Manual for Analyzing the Development of a Christian Leader

Author: J. Robert Clinton
Publisher: Barnabas Publishers (January 1, 1989)
ISBN-13: 978-0974181820


21. The Making of a Leader: Recognizing the Lessons and Stages of Leadership Development

Author: Robert Clinton
Publisher: NavPress; Revised ed. edition (November 1, 2012)
ISBN-13: 978-1612910758


22. Dangerous Calling (Paperback Edition): Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry

Author: Paul David Tripp
Publisher: Crossway; Reprint edition (January 31, 2015)
ISBN-13: 978-1433541377


23. Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership: Seeking God in the Crucible of Ministry

Author: Ruth Haley Barton
Publisher: IVP Books; First Edition, First Printing edition (July 6, 2008)


24. A Work of Heart: Understanding How God Shapes Spiritual Leaders

Author: Reggie McNeal
Publisher: Jossey-Bass; 2 edition (September 27, 2011)
ISBN-13: 978-1118103180


25. Christian Spiritual Formation: An Integrated Approach for Personal and Relational Wholeness

Author: Diane J. Chandler
Publisher: IVP Academic (May 4, 2014)
ISBN-13: 978-0830840427


Outstanding Websites on Self-Developing (Sources from 1,2)

1. Mindbloom

This Website is a nifty personal development web application. Think of it as a social network for your personal development. You create a tree with branches representing the elements of your life you want to work on. It encourages you to nurture your tree through inspiration (sun) and action (water). There’s a lot built into this tool, so go check it out if you’re curious.

Lately, it seems there have been hundreds of eLearning websites popping up across the web. One of my favorites however is Udemy. The structure is clean, the classes are well organized, and the instructors are top-notch. Although they have plenty of academic courses available.

There are plenty of ways to motivate you to work out, but the app Gympact does something quite clever and unique. They hit you where it hurts…right in the wallet. The concept behind Gympact is that you set a monetary consequence for when you miss your work outs, typically a $1 or so. Then anytime you miss a work out you committed yourself to, you pay the fine. But it doesn’t stop there. What if you’re a good boy or girl and hit all of your workouts that week? Well friend, you get a share of all the slacker’s fines that week.

Many people who are expertise in a certain area get to have a time give a lesson for free! Okay, so plenty of you know Ted already, but do you remember the first day you discovered it? It was amazing right? If you’ve heard about TED but never checked it out, now’s the time. It’s inspiration on steroids.

5. Stumble
Stumbleupon is another excellent resource for personal development. I recommend stumbling interests such as: self improvement, personal development, career planning, spirituality, productivity, or motivation.

6. The Habit Factor
This is the world’s bestselling, #1 “Goals & Habits App” on iTunes. It combines the book by the same name with a neat app that helps you track your goals and keep up with your progress.

Lumosity is your one stop shop for brain training. If you want to have an easier time remembering names, learning new subjects, or maintaining focus – this is the place to hang out.

8. Remeber The Milk
If you are a list person, this is a must have. Remember the Milk let’s you manage your lists anywhere. It will send reminders to your email or text, sync to your calendar and more.

9. 99u
If you like TED, this is another resource you should check out. 99u has a wide selection of videos delivered by scholars, leaders, and business men around the world on topics ranging from leadership to well-being.

10. Blogs
This one is a bit tricky since there are sooo many blogs out there dedicated to personal development. Thankfully, others have already done the research for you by listing posts and blogs to checkout.

11. Lifetick
Lifetick is a web application for tracking your goals and keeping you focused. Their status widgets, charts, and reports make this the dream app for any detail oriented goal-getters.

12. 43 Things
Speaking of goals, we all know the chance of completing them comes down to how good of a support group you have. 43 Things is just that. A community of goal minded people dedicated to helping each other reach their goals.

Have you ever been out in public shopping, watching a movie, or eating a burger when you were suddenly struck with a brilliant idea? You hope to hold onto it long enough to make it home where you can write it down, but by then you’ve moved on or forgotten it completely. Evernote is a handy app for recording written or audio notes on your phone or pc that you can take anywhere. All your ideas are stored in one place and it’s easy to use.

14. Pinterest
People are always surprised to learn Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine. But Pinterest works in a similar way. Just as you can search Google or Youtube for personal development content, you can do the same for Pinterest. Put in productivity, self-help or personal growth, and you’ll find hundreds of pictures, articles, and posters related to the topic.

15. Vision Board
Happytapper has created a virtual version of one of coaching’s favorite tools – The Vision Board. It’s an easy way to give yourself some quick inspiration and motivation wherever you are.

16. Youtube
It took some time for me to warm up to Youtube. At first it was difficult to find quality videos on the subjects you were interested in, but that’s not the case anymore. Even in the personal development world, there are many amazing Youtube channels and videos you can follow. Whether it’s classics like //The Last Lecture// or How to Have Your Best Year Ever or newer ongoing channels such as TedEd and ZeFrank there’s something for everyone.

Lift is an app that visualizes your goals and progress while combining the support of your friends. Forbes wrote a nice piece on the app calling it “probably the most affordable self-help product ever created.” It relies on an interesting check-in system and helps you focus on taking single steps versus tackling a multitude of challenges all at once.

18. Ignite
Ignite is a global event run by volunteers where speakers are given five minutes to talk about their ideas, passions, or interest on 20 slides for 15 seconds each. The format may seem rigid, but the presentations go quickly and you hear only the good stuff as a result. The best way to find videos put on by this organization is to either go to their website and search, or look up your local ignite organization on Youtube.

19. Live Happy
Live Happy is more than an iPhone app, it’s a “happiness boosting positive psychology program.” Based on the book, The How of Happiness, the app helps you carry out the concepts taught in the book. Things such as journaling, giving thanks, or savoring a beautiful moment.

20.Life Hack
Lifehack will provide tailor-made posts for you to achieve your goal(s) from time to time and help you make progress along the way.

21. Balance In Me
Since 2008, the purpose of has been to help you grow as a human being. This includes guiding you to discover your life's purpose, starting a meditation practice, forming new habits, getting rid of bad habits and helping you understand the benefits of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
The Crown Financial website has hundreds of articles sorted by topic and has lots of other goodies and resources.

Bible Money Matters is a blog that was launched in February of 2008 as a place for Pete to put down his thoughts on matters of his Christian faith and how it affects his finances. Pete writes really good content and I encourage you to check it out.

This blog is written by John and the name is based off the wonderful verse in Deut 28:12 – “that you will lend to many nations, but will borrow from none.” While John only gets to update it a couple times a week, he is a great writer and always has good things to say.

Corrie is a momma who writes this mom-blog that focuses on frugality and couponing. If you are looking to learn more about couponing, this would be a good site to check out.

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