Children in Poverty

Research by Chelsea Breckenridge

Great Resources on Children Living Poverty

1. Hope for Children in Poverty: Profiles and Possibilities

Author: Ron Sider
Publisher: Judson Press (May 30, 2007)
ISBN-13: 9780817015053

1 hope for children in poverty.jpg

2. Why Culture Counts: Teaching Children of Poverty

Author: Doona Walker Tileston
Publisher: Solution Tree (August 1, 2008)
ISBN-13: 9781934009246

2 why culture counts.jpg

3. Children in Poverty: The Balancing Act of Hope and Stability

Author: Deneen Glasco
Publisher: Kingdom Publishing Group Inc.

book not copied.jpg

4.The Future of Children: Wealth, Poverty and Opportunity in America

Author: Lindsey Duncan
Publisher: Oxford University Press (February 1, 2007)
ISBN-13: 9780195305449

4 the future of children.jpg

5. A Child is Not a Toy: Voices of Children in Poverty

Author: Sheila Baxter
Publisher: New Star Books (January 1, 1993)
ISBN-13: 9780921586265

5 a child is not a toy.jpg

6. Targeting Investments in Children: Fighting Poverty When Resources are Limited

Author: Philip B. Levine
Publisher: University of Chicago Press (October 1,2010)

6 targeting investments .jpg

7.Poor Women Poor Children: American Poverty in the 1990's

Author: Harrell R. Rodges Jr.
Publisher: Routledge (February 1, 1996)
ISBN-13: 9781563246081

7 poor women poor children.jpg

8. The Kids Left Behind:Catching Up the Underachieving Children of Poverty: A Synthesis of Research on What Works in High-Performing, High-Poverty Schools

Author: Robert D. Barr
Publisher: Solution Tree
ISBN-13: 9781932127904

8 kids left behind.jpg

9. Homelessness and it's consequences: The Impact of Children's Psychological Well-being (Children of Poverty)

Author: Rosemarie T. Downer
Publisher: Routledge ((October 26, 2001)

9 homeless and its consequences.jpg

10. Giving Our Children a Fighting Chance:Poverty, Literacy, and the Development of Information Capital

Author: Susan B. Neuman, Donna C. Celan
Publisher: Teachers College Press (August 24, 2012)
ISBN-13: 9780807753583
10 giving our children a fighting .jpg

11. The Public Assault on America's Children: Poverty, Violence and Juvenile Injustice (Teaching for Social Injustice Series)

Author: Valerie Polakow
Publisher: Teachers' College Press (February 2000)
ISBN-13: 9780807739839

11 public assult on america's children.jpg

12. Saving Our Children From Poverty: What the United States Can Learn From France

Author: Barbara R. Bergmann
Publisher: Russell Sage Foundation (October 24, 1996)
ISBN:-13: 9780871541147

12 saving our children.jpg

13. Changing the Odds for Children at Risk: Seven Essential Principles of Educational Programs That Break the Cycle of Poverty

Author: Susan B. Neuman
Publisher: Praeger Publishers (January 1, 2008)
ISBN-13: 9780313362224

13 changing odds for children.jpg

14. Faces of Poverty

Author: Jill Deurr Berrick
Publisher: Oxford University Press (March 27, 1997)
ISBN-13: 9780195113754

13 faces poverty.jpg

15. High Stakes: Poverty, Testing and Failure in America

Author: Dale D. Johnson
Publisher: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers (October 13, 2005)
ISBN-13: 9780742535329

15 high stakes.jpg

16. Children in Jeopardy: Can We Break the Cycle of Poverty?

Author: Irving B. Harris
Publisher: Yale University Press (July 24, 1996)
16 children in jeopardy.jpg

17. Poverty and Children's Adjustment

Author: Suniya Luthar
Publisher: Sage Publications Inc. (February 2, 1999)
ISBN-13: 9780761905189
17 poverty and children's adjustment.jpg

18. When Poverty's Children Write: Celebrating Strengths, Transforming Lives

Author: Bobby A. Solley
Publisher: Heinemann Educational Books (July 1, 2005)
ISBN-13: 9780325007519

18 when children's poverty write.jpg

19. Fostering Resilience and Well-Being in Children and Families in Poverty: Why Hope Still Matters

Author: Valerie Maholmes
Publisher: Oxford University Press (January 1, 2014)
ISBN-13: 9780199959525

19 fostering resilinece .jpg

20. Blessings From the Dust:Raising Seven Children for Success in the Poverty-Stricken Mining Camps of Southwest Virginia

Author: Thomas Jones, Betty Jones
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing (August 12, 2011)

20 blessings from the dust.jpg

21. Star Principals: Serving Children in Poverty

Author: Martin Haberman
Publisher: Kappa Delta Pi Pubns (August 1, 1999)
ISBN-13: 9780912099286

21 star principals.jpg

22. Neighborhood Poverty Volume 1:Context and Consequences for Children

Author: J. Lawrence Aber, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn,Greg J. Duncan
Publisher: Russell Sage Foundation
ISBN-13: 9780871541888

22 neighborhood poverty.jpg

23. American Children in Chronic Poverty

Author: Cynthia E. Lamy
Publisher: Lexington Books (January 1, 2012)
ISBN-13: 9781283734486

23 amican children in poverty.jpg

24. Lotus of the Lake: On Children of Poverty

Author: Gurpavan Kaur Gill
Publisher: Word Alive Press (October 7, 2009)
ISBN-13: 9781926676272

24 Lotus.jpg

25. Escaping the Poverty Trap: Investing in Children in Latin America

Author: Richardo Moran, Amartya Sen, Gro Harlem Brundtland
Publisher: Inter-American Development Bank (February 3, 2004)
ISBN-13: 9781931003568

25 escaping the poverty.jpg

Informative Websites on Children in Poverty

1. Statistics and Solutions on Children Poverty
The purpose of this website is to give current statistics about children in poverty, and to provide solutions about how to help these children.

2. Information About Different Kinds of People Who Experience Hunger
This website seeks to provide knowledge through research and testimonials about groups of people who experience hunger more than others.

3. Advocacy for Child Poverty
The point of this website is to spread awareness and provide solutions for different avenues of poverty that children experience.

4. Child Trends Data Bank
This website explains the history of poverty and the psychological affect it has on children.

5. Kids Count Data Center
The goal of this website is to provide educational resources about aspects of life children struggle with in their families including forms of education, economic well-being, and health.

6. Childhood Poverty in the U.S.
This website shares stories of personal experiences of children's experiences living in poverty in America and the need to motivate others to take action.

7. Ending Child Poverty Now
This website to bring education about the vicious cycle of poverty.

8. Children Living in Poverty
This website acts as a resource for encompassing issues that surround poverty and the constant threat that poor children are in.

9. Help to End Child Hunger
This website's purpose is to motivate people to become motivated to end child hunger.

10. No Kid Hungry
This website serves to educate people about children hunger around the world and solutions to help fix this issue.

11. World Food Program
This website displays facts about child hunger and also demonstrates ways to help hungry children around the world.

12. Youth Giving Back
This website inspires all who read it as youth living in poverty, are a part the buildOn program that helps them to thrive in their lives and give back to their communities.

13. The Forgotten International
This website brings shocking images about children in poverty and serves to provide advocacy for child hunger around the world.

14. Poverty Images
This website shows images of the severity of child poverty and captivating facts that go along with them.

15. Bringing Injustice to Light
This website provides facts about how people become marginalized by facing poverty everyday and need to have their voice heard.

16. Helping International Children With Hunger
This website brings awareness to community centers that have been built to give hope and a safe space and hope for children living in poverty.

17. Preparing Teachers to Help Children of Poverty
This website serves the purpose of fighting for children of poverty and providing resources for people to become informed.

18. Poverty Program
This website provides statistics about children who experience poverty in the United States and other resources that help educate people about different forms of poverty.

19. End Child Poverty
This website provides various statistics about international poverty and has provided impact and change for children in poverty.

20. Child Poverty in New Zealand
This provides a different perspective about children living in poverty strictly in New Zealand and the resources it takes to help these children and their families.

21. Child Poverty Action Group
This website demonstrates different aspects of child poverty and the affects it has on children education and socializing.

22. Kids Can Make a Difference
This website provides opportunities for children to make a difference in helping people who are affected by poverty.

23. Facts About Children in Poverty
This website explains the risks of poverty and explains the importance of health care and nutrition for children who are in poverty.

24. Institute for Children, Poverty and Homelessness
This website provides practical research and resources about children living in poverty and homelessness all over the United States.

25. Five-Minute Funeral: Teaching Children About Global Poverty
This website wisely teaches children about global poverty through appropriate videos and provides ways to get involved.

25 Outstanding Journals and Articles About Children in Poverty

1. Child Poverty in the U.S. is Among the Worst in the Developed World
As of 2014, tis website gave up-to-date statistics about children living in poverty in the United States.

2. Making the Invisible, Visible: Haunting Pictures of America's Most Vulnerable People Shot by Photojournalists Against Poverty
This article, from, reveals pictures of people in poverty and gives quotes that go with these pictures from peoples' personal experiences living in poverty.

3. The Impact of Poverty on Educational Outcomes from Children
This article discusses different aspects of how poverty can affect individuals' education through a few different kinds of interventions that seek to provide more opportunities for children's education.

4. Poverty, Family Process, and the Mental Health of Immigrant Children in Canada
This article compares the statistics of poverty in Canada to those of the people in the United States and how other factors such as living in single parent homes can affect issues of poverty.

5. How Poverty Affects Children's Brains
This article discusses the myth that people who live in poverty do not deserve the same opportunities as upper class people or are not as smart as them, this article explains how this is not true.

6. The Shocking Reach of U.S.Child Poverty
This article looks at the bigger picture of the impacts of poverty on children in America, and the issues impoverished children will have in the future.

7. The Countless Ways Poverty Affects People's Health
People living in poverty are more likely to experience issues of malnourishment and other related issues concerning physical health.

8. The Child Poverty Prescription
This article takes a different approach to stopping child poverty by investing in programs that help these issues and raising minimum wage.

9. Pediatricians Urge to Join War on Poverty
This article discusses the action pediatricians are taking to help hone in on what children living in poverty need from pediatricians with their health care.

10. The Rich and the Rest
This article sums up one idea, "the smart poor kids are less likely to graduate from college now, than the dumb rich kids."

11. A Wake Up Call: How Canada is Failing its Poorest Children
This article discusses the shocking information that 1 in 5 children in Canada is poor.

12. Three Million More U.S. Children in Poverty Since Onset of Great Depression
This website compares statistics of child poverty over the years, and how most of the people becoming impoverished are among African Americans and American Indians.

13. Childhood Poverty Linked to Brain Changes related to Depression
According to this study done by the Washington School of Medicine, children in poverty can have brain changes that make them more susceptible to depression compared to children of affluence.

14. U.S. Child Poverty Rate Increases Over Last Decade, Study Says
This article points out the increase in poverty due to median family income and people without secure jobs.

15. Poor Kids Don't Fit Stereotype
This article, although written and published several years ago is still very accurate of child poverty today, not all children living in poverty are ethnic minorities.

16. Take Care of Children
This article states how the rate of child poverty is growing and has grown faster than that of adult poverty.

17. The Social Costs of Child Poverty: A Systematic View of Qualitative Evidence
This article demonstrates the fact that children and families are not just affected by their lower income, but also other factors including physical and socio-emotional health.

18. Early Childhood Poverty Damages Brain Development, Study Finds
This article states how children living in poverty has altered the way children's brains develop, and how over time they have more of a challenge academically.

19. Nearly Half of American Children Living Near Poverty Line
This article takes the time to examine groups of people that experience poverty, and the fact that although our economy has grown, many people still struggle to survive from day-to-day.

20. Michigan's Child Poverty Rate Climbed 23 Percent From 2006 to 2014.
This article's study states that in the state of Michigan, child poverty increased 23% within 8 years and the affects this will have on the future of these children.

21. How to Improve the Chances of Poor Children at School
This article examines the ways in which most children in poverty do not have a good education and the ways in which this can be improved.

22. Free Education for Poor Mums May Help Alleviate Child Poverty
The U.K. has come up with the solution that of mothers of young children have a chance at free education, then the likelihood of good education for their children increases.

23. Nearly Half of American Children Living in Poverty Line, According to the NCCP Report on Demographics of Poverty
This article shows how more children living in poverty face challenges of coming very close to the poverty line and not having many of their daily needs met.

24. Deep Poverty Puts Young Children at Risk for Poor Health and Development
This article distinguishes a difference between poor children and children living in deep poverty and the medical and emotional health, and social development.

25. Child Poverty in Colorado:5 Takeaways from this Year's Kids Count Report
This article talks about poverty and increase in homelessness that has been observed recently in Colorado.