Ministry Research

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This is a resource page where you can find a number of ministry-based topics and themes, each having over 25 related books, scholarly articles, and relevant web pages. It is designed to help you in your research and learning in these areas. Enjoy! If you would like to add resources to this list, please contact the administrator for instructions at

Adolescent Development and Culture
Addressing Shame and Promoting Vulnerability Within the Church
Adolescent Development and Culture
Camp Ministry
Campus Ministry
Child Abuse
Child Theatre Development
Children in Poverty
Children of Divorce
Children's Ministry
Children's Ministry Curriculum
Children's Spiritual Formation
Christians & Fostering
Christian Leadership Development
Christian Self Development
Christians and Fostering
Church Marketing
Counseling Ministry
Death & Dying
Developing Christian Formation
Disability Ministry
Domestic Violence
Eating Disorders
Emotional Abuse Healing
Escaping Domestic Violence
Evangelism Resources
Family Ministry
Fatherless Children
Film Ministry
Future of the Church
Grief Counseling
Inner Healing
Marriage Ministry
Marriage and Family Therapy
Mental Illness in Youth
Ministry to Children
Ministering to Troubled Teens
Ministry and Theatre
Ministry through Fitness
Missions and Martyrdom
Music Ministry-Worship
Natural Childbirth
Nutrition Ministry
Overcoming Child Abuse
Parent Ministry and Youth Ministry Workers
Pastor Ministry
Pediatric Speech Pathology
Race, Culture, and the Church
Racial Reconciliation and the Church
Restorative Art and Acting
Sex, Love, and Dating for Youth
Sex Trafficking
Short Term Missions
Soul Care for Bullied Students
Soul Care Ministry
Spiritual Disciplines
Sports Ministry
Strip Club Ministry
Teen Dating Abuse
The Power of Camp
Visual Storytelling in Journalism
Volunteer Development
Wiki Speech Pathology
Women's Ministry
Worship Ministry

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